• Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop
  • Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop

The importance of electrochemical devices for production and storage of energy, such as batteries and fuel cells, has largely increased in the last years. An interdisciplinary effort is highly required in order to improve those systems.
The workshop will address in a synergistic manner mathematical modeling and numerical methods in electrochemical systems as well as latest advances in experimental techniques and relevant materials. This workshop is a unique meeting in this field characterized by interdisciplinarity. Specifically, the objectives of the workshop are

The unique format of the event, comprising only invited talks and extended discussion time, is chosen not only to enable a fruitful exchange of ideas among the participants but also to foster future collaborations.

Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop 2016*

12-14 October 2016

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*Funded by

CEE Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering

Uni HD

With financial support from the Future concept of the University of Heidelberg in the Excellence Initiative

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