Dr. Elfriede Friedmann (Stöckel)

Junior Research Group
Mathematical modeling and simulations in ophthalmology

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Current own research project
Klaus Tschira Stiftung: Etablierung eines nachhaltigen Reallabors zur interdisziplinären und translationalen Forschung im Bereich „Mathematische Modellierung und Simulation in der Augenheilkunde“

Research interests
Partial differential equations
Fluid mechanics: theory and computation, boundary layer theory
Systems Biology: Signal Transduction (JAK2-STAT5, Smad, cytokines)
Medical Applications: Ophthalmology
Multiscale Analysis
Shape optimization
Computer graphics
Shark Skin

flow in the viscous sublayer over pimpels and riblets
flow in buffer layer over pimpels and riblets
flow in bufer layer (different perspectives) over pimpels and riblets

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